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OpenXML Packaging and Object Model Writer for .NET Framework 1.1.

The necessary reference document can be found on; particularly the Part 4:Markup Language Reference document.

It turns out that some others are doing exactly what I am trying to do, albeit on the .NET 3.0 platform. I found a couple of CodePlex projects that are similar to this one. One of them is OpenXML Objects by Wouter Van Vugt whose book is recently published (Open XML Explained) - also a nice source for learning OpenXML stuffs. Another one is called WordPackage by pranavwagh.

I am done recreating the core packaging functionality. Some of the WordprocessingML packaging functionality is also done. You can now create a document with header and footer support through the packaging. At this point. the OpenXmlWriter is similar to that of OpenXML SDK functionality. I am still working on adding Style and Numbering packaging support. When that's done, I'll move on to the Word object model layer. The source code section is updated. Check it out.

Added Style and Numbering packaging support. I can now create my basic report throught packaging :). Time to move on to Word object model layer. The source code section is updated. I am having a problem adding a lib folder from my root solution folder which contain SharpZipLib library dll binary for .NET Framework 1.1.

Cleaned up the Source Code source control. Phew. What a mess. Abandoned my VS2003-TFS source control thingy and went back to good old cpc command line, hehehe. Finally got the image part working. Silly xmlns typo, doh. Drove me nuts for awhile :). I haven't started working on the Word object model layer yet. Turned out that my project requirement can be satisfied just by the packaging stuffs. Basically we are ripping the original Word 2007 package and reassemble them as needed. Cool OOXML feature :). I'll start doing the object model soon. And oh, changed the licensing to LGPL.

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